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Kings Bowling Club originally started life back in 1927 as the Princess Gardens Bowling Club. The club, back then, occupied a position on the seafront near to where the Princess Theater stands today. In the 1930’s the Club moved to its present home in the King's Gardens, from which it took its name. Are there any other clubs that have changed gender?

Our banner photograph is just an awesome piece of history and shows the 1947 Opening Ceremony of Kings Bowling Club. The opening bowl (back then) was delivered by our club's president Mrs. C. T. Bowden. This photograph was recently discovered and presented in late April, 2024, to the club by William (Bill) H Pyne.  Bill is the little boy standing just behind the rink number 4 sign. 

Thanks to our national and international players, Kings BC is one of the UK's most successful bowls club. We are proud of, and humbled by, our achievements at the international, country and county level. 

Play Bowls at Kings

Everyone is Welcome

Whether you are a member, an away team, an ad-hoc visitor, or a touring team, you are always welcome at Kings Bowling Club. Our traditional clubhouse offers stunning views across Torbay.  Sitting on our veranda with a cup of tea, or a cold one,  whilst gazing out to sea is a great way to relax after you win, lose or draw. 

Pay and Play Special Offer

If you are in the Torbay area and want to simply turn up and play (without having to become a member, or book in advance) we have a Pay and Play Special Offer. This offer is available from 10 am onwards, subject to rink availability, and for just £3.00 per person - you can play for as long as you want so long as the following conditions apply:

Play on one the best rinks in Torbay

New Members

We welcome new members and offer free coaching for all. Learn about the game's nuances and etiquette. New Members Guide


Umbrella is a weekly members competition that offers the chance to meet fellow members and enjoy a friendly game with end of season prizes. 


Members can book rinks when they are available. You can practice or challenge fellow members  to a friendly match!

New to Bowls? Don't Know Where to Start?

There are times when newcomers, and more experienced players, may struggle to find relevant information to help get to grips with rules, equipment, attire, etiquette, etc. If this you, then visit the links below which points you at such information:

Good Luck and Good Bowling.

Announcing the new Kings BC

2024 Super Triples Open Tournament

£500 Winning Team

First Prize

with a further 6 cash prizes to be won 

Touring Torbay

Kings Bowling Club, Torquay, welcomes touring teams. Our club sits in a picturesque setting on Torquay's coastline. We accommodate ladies, men and mixed matches. Our 7 rinks offer glorious views of the Torbay coastline. We also have a licensed bar to help you celebrate, or commiserate, your results. 

Email to arrange a friendly match on one of the best rinks in Torbay.

An Unusual Claim to Fame 

Our clubhouse gained fame by being used as  backdrop in the mainstream (comedy) film Blackball. Also known as National Lampoon's Blackball it is a 2003 British sports comedy film, based on the game of lawn bowls. The screenplay was written by Tim Firth, and the film was directed by Mel Smith.  It is alleged that this film was based on a true story  The film is available on multiple streaming services (e.g. Amazon) and you can view a YouTube teaser here

Diversity and Inclusion at Kings Bowling Club

At Kings Bowling Club, we build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is an instinct, not an initiative. We endeavour to create  a deep sense of pride, passion and belonging and do not tolerate any form of disrespect or injustice towards people, their heritage, beliefs or their  lifestyle choices. We pride ourselves in adapting to social change quickly to ensure respect to all. We are committed to abide by the Equality Policy as published on the Bowls England website. 

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