Tips from the head

Tips from the head!

Do you struggle with aiming you bowl?

This tip, when practicing, may help. I use golf-sticks (they help align your body and club down the target line). Aim the stick to your target and then bowl down the line of the stick.  Don't have a golf-stick? Use bamboo, etc. Simple and effective! 

Drosos Demetriades 

Controlling your length off the jack

If you are consistently a yard long or short, then simply move forward or back when you're on the mat. It easier than trying to bowl a little harder or softer.
John Williamson 

Bowls Tips from Alan Horwell

A Kings veteran with 40+ years of playing experience!

Reading the green!

A bowling green is rarely perfect. Look for lighter and darker patches on your playing rink. The bowl tends to runs faster on lighter patches so try to adjust the weight of you bowl accordingly.

Stick to your hand!

If possible, avoid changing hands on the same end. Consistency is crucial and changing hands when it's not necessary introduces yet another variable. Over time you will get to know what your favoured (and best) shot is, so stick to it and only change hands when it is tactically required.

Don't be short with your first bowl!

If your opponent hits the jack, you've no chance! The jack will ricochet further away. This is a good strategy for singles and team games.

Visit the head!

If you can't see the jack, or want to get a better idea of the gaps between the bowls, then go visit the head and get a clearer picture of where you want your bowl end. 

Watch your opposition!

Carefully watch how the other side plays to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Do they prefer  (and play well) to a particular length or hand? If so, then change the  length, bowl to block their favoured hand, etc. Turn their weaknesses to your advantage.